The agriculture industry is the backbone of our provincial economy. Being able to manage water effectively has made significant contributions to our province and can be an important economic tool for farmers and ranchers.

Today, the agricultural community faces the added challenge of adapting to a changing climate. We believe there are important opportunities to respond to that challenge – helping farmers plan agricultural drainage projects that are adapted and resilient to weather extremes, such as floods and droughts, while increasing productivity.

AgH2Onward is a free two-day online workshop (approx. two hours per day) offered throughout 2021. The workshop will provide an introduction to innovative agricultural water management solutions that will strengthen your farm and ranch operations.

AgH2Onward consists of five modules that will introduce you to:

  • The Agricultural Water Management Strategy in Saskatchewan
  • Effective agricultural water management tools and techniques
  • The benefits of getting your drainage projects approved
  • The impacts of agricultural drainage
  • How incorporating mitigation strategies can help you adapt to a changing climate
  • Considerations and regulatory requirements for drainage approvals
  • Using a Qualified Person to assist you through the approval process

Please join us for this free online workshop and increase your knowledge about implementing adaptive agricultural water management practices in Saskatchewan.

Workshop Dates

There are many opportunities to attend. To Register, please click a date that best suits your availability. Please note: the number of registrants per course will be limited.    We will be adding dates regularly, please check back if these dates do not work for you!

October 13 & 1510 am – 12 pm daily Click here to register
October 19 & 211 pm – 3 pm daily Click here to register
October 25 & 2710 am – 12 pm dailyClick here to register
October 27 & 287 pm – 9 pm dailyClick here to register
November 8 & 1010 am – 12 pm dailyClick here to register
November 16 & 187 pm – 9 pm dailyClick here to register
November 22 & 2410 am – 12 pm dailyClick here to register
November 30 & December 210 am – 12 pm dailyClick here to register

Additional Information

If you require more information about AgH2Onward, you can email [email protected].

For more information about the Agricultural Water Management Strategy, including drainage approval inquiries, contact: [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you!

The AgH2Onward Workshop was developed with support from Natural Resources Canada’s Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) Program and Water Security Agency in partnership with Prairie Water, the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative, Saskatchewan Conservation and Development Association, the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, the Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds, and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.